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Components  المكونات

1 Strengthening the capacities of the Libyan institutions

EU4PSL strengthens the capacities of MoE and MoF staff to improve the impact of their work to back private sector development in Libya

› High profile EU4PSL experts focus on improving Libya’s rank in the World Bank Group's index “Ease of Doing Business”

A One-Stop-Shop is set up to regroup administrative formalities under one roof.

A Trade Help Desk is set up to support and facilitate importers as well as Libyan producers in accessing foreign markets.

› Re-designing the role and responsabilities of the Chambers of Commerce

› Assisting in the Development of the Chamber of Commerce “White Book” of Business Top Common Priority Reforms Recommendations

› Supporting the Digital Economy Transformation

› Supporting the establishing of the Libyan economic modelling within ECOMOD network

2 Supporting youth and women economic empowerment

› 10 workshops will be organized by the end of 2020 to build CSOs capacities

› Nationwide business plan contests scheduled every year in partnership with USULs

› 12 women-led start-ups trained, and seed funded every year

› Upcoming pilot-testing women sales points in Benghazi and Tripoli

› Pilot-testing women sales points

3 Improving access to finance for MSMEs and start-ups

› Improving anti-money laundering activities

Restructuring the Libyan credit information center

› Establishing a VC fund

Reactivating the Credit Guarantee Fund

› Improving access to finance to Libyan medium and small-sized businesses

4 Streaming entrepreneurship within the education system