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60 Libyan Student-Entrepreneurs trained in a bootcamp

As a part of SLEIDSE University Start-Up Labs’ incubators implementation, a new Business Plan bootcamp was organized in Tunis from 19 to 23 October 2018. 60 student-entrepreneurs with creative business ideas, of which 50% were women, gathered to improve their entrepreneurial skills and capacities. Ever since this initiative was launched, over 700 hours of trainings were taught to USULs directors, so that they could be able to manage those incubators and achieve their objectives.

Since March 2018, SLEIDSE project – financed by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France – has supported the creation of 10 business incubators within Libyan universities across the country. The goal of this bootcamp was first to strengthen USUL’s directors’ capacities, and second to bring some technical assistance to young entrepreneurs to develop their project. The bootcamp gathered 69 attendants, including 59 students (half men half women) and the ten USUL’s director.

Today’s event is a manifestation of the European Union’s continued direct support to young Libyan entrepreneurs. Through SLEIDSE, we want to help young Libyans turn their business ideas into reality and pave the way for tomorrow’s Libya”, said Ambassador Bugeja who closed the bootcamp.

This bootcamp was divided into:

  • 3 training days (communication, access to finance, pitching and marketing), including Tunisian and Libyan entrepreneurs’ testimonies that brought a more practical dimension.
  • Two days organized by USULs Directors dedicated to the “elevator pitch” preparation and the Business Plan Contest

The training ended with a contest to pick the best 10 business plans (7 women and 3 men were rewarded). Participants received intensive training by experienced entrepreneurs and high-level international experts to improve their basic entrepreneurial skills and learn how to pitch their business ideas in front of an audience of international investors.

The general objective is to build a national startup ecosystem driven by Libyan students and universities that would attract talented youths to design, create and grow their businesses. In launching these university incubators, SLEIDSE fosters  a dynamic startup ecosystem in Libya, accessible to young people from across the country. The 10 new incubators are managed by trained staff, providing young people with hands-on support to develop their businesses.

This bootcamp allowed the incubators and their respective directors to directly support entrepreneurship but also to network and discuss further with their students. The young boot campers highly appreciated their exchanges with more experienced entrepreneurs and are now better equipped to define and develop their project.

This activity was performed within SLEIDSE project, also financed by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France, which aims to support the development of entrepreneurship in Libya.