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A ceremony awards Libyan women entrepreneurs across Libya

Tunis, January 23rd – In the framework of the project ''European Union for Private Sector in Libya (EU4PSL)'', funded by the European Union, 12 Libyan female entrepreneurs across Libya were awarded a prize of 5000 euros each at the awards ceremony "Women Female Entrepreneurs Contest" held in Tunis. In total 30 women from all regions of Libya participated in the contest, with innovative and creative business ideas. The winning business ideas cover organic foods, ceramics, waste management, photography, services, dental prothesis, organic soaps and finally paramedical assistance.

The contest took place in the context of EUPSL's component on supporting women's economic empowerment in Libya, with a set of activities including capacity building, mentoring and seed funding. The 30 participants of this event will continue to benefit from a one full year of capacity building from local civil society organizations who have partnered with EU4PSL.

The winning civil society organisations are:

  1. ABDULHAMID Aeshah


  3. ABUSADRA Rihab

  4. ALFAREETEES Nisreen

  5. ALFAREETEES Yasmeen

  6. BAKORI Aisha

  7. BASEKRI Isra

  8. DELAWI Amal

  9. MABROK Khawla

  10. SALIM Huda

  11. SHUAIB Alaa

  12. TARHOUNI Deikra

Alexandre Chatillon-Mounier, Programme Director at Expertise France added ‘in the light of the current situation in Libya, congratulations to these hard-working female entrepreneurs for the prizes each one received – thanks to the European Union funding, and also for their perseverance’.

Sandra Goffin, Head of Operations at the European Union Delegation to Libya, underlined that 'today's social and economic life would certainly be better if more women were equally integrated in the economic life. Congratulations to the talented women who participated in this event. Their example is inspiring for us and certainly hopeful for the future of Libya'.

The event was attended by prominent Libyan stakeholders, representatives of the Delegation of the European Union to Libya and many other esteemed partners and guests whose presence supports the importance of entrepreneurship as a tool to restart the Libyan economy and empower women.