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BPI France meets with Libyan banks to establish founding units to support SMEs through Libyan banks

Within EU4PSL project, a meeting was held December 20th to establish founding units to support SMEs through Libyan banks at Expertise France office in Tunisia, in the presence of Dr. Mukhtar Al-Tawil, director of banking supervision, representatives of Libyan banks: Sahara bank, Jomhoriya bank, North Africa bank, Al-Yakin bank, ATIB and the Arab Trade bank.

The objectives and structure of these units were reviewed, as well as the development programs in cooperation with the French Investment Bank Bpi France. The process of establishing and developing these training units will include field visits, administrative structures, policies and services that can be provided to SMEs before financing, during implementation, and during operating periods.

It is worth noting that Expertise France, with funding from the European Union, the United Kingdom and France, since 2016 has been developing business development programs and supporting the private sector in Libya through cooperation agreements with the ministries of planning, economy and industry, the central bank, universities, chambers of commerce, industry and trade.