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Chambers of Commerce Launches a Major Survey to Identify Top Common Obstacles to Business and Support Libyan Enterprises

Tripoli, 13/10/2021, The General Union of Chambers of Commerce, together with local Chambers of Commerce and the EU-funded programme EU4PSL, have announced the launch of a major online field survey in Libya to identify the top common business obstacles faced by Libyan enterprises during a press conference in Tripoli.

The objectives are first to identify obstacles to business operations and development faced by Libyan business owners that are common to all Libyan enterprises whatever their size, sector or location and determine the issues to be addressed as top priorities, second, to contribute to solving these issues and creating a more supportive business environment in Libya and, third to formulate concrete and actionable proposals for top priority reforms which will have the maximum positive impact on most all Libyan enterprises.

Questions in the survey are easy to answer by business owners and managers. They are quick and straightforward multiple-choice questions pertaining to practical issues and challenges faced in many given business situations and operations. These issues may be of administrative, economic, social, legislative or practical nature.  

This form of action is an international best practice used in many advanced OECD countries where Governments seek the consultative advice of the official business representative institution to guide and assist them with reform orientation and prioritization. And because the Chambers of commerce are the official and only institutional representative of Libyan enterprises of all sizes, sectors and locations, their recommendations and proposals for reforms and enhancements will be provided to the government in order to decide whether they should follow these consultative recommendations from the field.

Therefore, the results and feedback of this survey will be analysed by the Chambers of commerce and the EU4PSL team by the first quarter of 2022 to formulate concrete and actionable proposals for improvement. These proposals will then be handed to the government for their consideration and action.

We can’t present effective and practical reform plans unless we connect with our members and know all about the exact challenges they face, we rely on their feedback to identify the top obstacles in order to provide solutions and suggest proposals that have the most positive and productive impact on the Libyan private sector and our national economy. Therefore, we invite all Libyan business owners to take part in this survey” said Mr.Abubaker Shenneb, General manager of the General Union of Chambers of Commerce.

This survey is an excellent opportunity for every Libyan private enterprise to improve and shape their business environment and have their voices heard. It’s open for participation to all business owners and managers of all sizes and sectors across Libya until October the 15th, 2021.

The EU4PSL programme, funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France, continues to work with Libyan partners to support private sector development in Libya and contribute to the country’s economic recovery.

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