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EU4PSL Works with ITC to Enhance the Use of International Trade Information to Support Libyan Business Decisions

21 July 2022 - Tunis, The training on the preparation of quantitative export factsheet generated by the Euromed Trade Helpdesk platform was concluded with the participation of trainees from the Ministry of Economy and Trade, the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Chambers of Commerce (Sabha, Benghazi, Misurata), Bureau of Statistics and Census, the Export Development Center, the Tax Authority, the Customs Authority, and several professors from Libyan universities.

Certificates of attendance were presented to the participants by Mr. Stéphan Orivel, Regional Coordinator for North Africa at Expertise France, Ms. Elodie Robin, Manager of Market Analysis Capacity Building at ITC, Mr. Julien Schmitt, Programs Director at Expertise France in Libya, and Mr. Mohamed El-Aswad, Deputy Director of Programs at Expertise France in Libya. The trainees worked in groups to deliver presentations on the statistics of one of the products produced in Libya, such as fish, methylene, dates..etc; among the information they obtained through the platform were the competing countries exporting those products, the expected market size in the target country, the tariffs applied regarding the product, preferential conditions and much more. This information allowed them to estimate the attractiveness and effectiveness of exporting that product and to deduce some conditions and recommendations for its successful export.

The participants expressed their happiness with the practical and functional exercises included in the training. They said the platform enabled them to discover some of Libya's great potential and export opportunities they were unaware of.

This training was delivered by International Trade Centre (ITC) experts and focused on raising the participants' analytical skills to conduct market research using Euromed Trade Helpdesk and guide companies in their business decisions.

Libya was the tenth country to join the Euromed Trade Helpdesk, which aims at supporting companies to expand into new markets and establish successful trade partnershipsThe EU4PSL project funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France supported the inclusion of Libya in this platform in cooperation with the International Trade Centre (ITC) and Libyan partners: the Ministry of Economy and Trade and the General Union of Chambers of Commerce.