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ITC and Expertise France strengthen their cooperation for developing economies

On 4 July 2017, ITC – the International Trade Centre – and Expertise France signed a letter of intent to strengthen their cooperation and offer a common technical assistance on trade in developing and least advanced countries.

Both organisations began to collaborate through SLEIDSE programme, which in financed by the European Union (€7.8 million) and implemented by Expertise France. SLEIDSE acts to fuel Libya’s economic recovery through an intensive training programme for young and entrepreneurs. Despite the country’s difficult position, it achieves quite good results.

With its expertise in distance learning through its SME Trade Academy, which comprises more than 50 courses on international trade issues, ITC was mobilized to train 300 Libyan entrepreneurs including 20% of women. Set up in 2016, this pilot project initiated the creation of Libyan Trade Academy (

For more information, read the press release (in French).

This activity was performed within SLEIDSE project, also financed by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France, which aims to support the development of entrepreneurship in Libya.