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Junior Enterprises's Matchmaking Event: Closing the Gap Between Students and the Labour Market

Closing the gap between students and the labour market and learning new skills are the ultimate goals of the newly formed Junior Enterprises in Libyan universities, which met on the 25th of September 2022 with a group of leading private sector companies to explore collaboration and partnership opportunities in a matchmaking event.

The students expressed their gratitude and excitement to get the chance to meet 17 successful companies working in the private sector. These companies demonstrated their support for the youth and their keenness to help students and attract talent by participating in this event.

It is noteworthy that the Junior Enterprise is a non-profit organization run by university students through which they provide their services to companies, which helps them gain experience that qualifies them to enter the labour market. These enterprises were established with the support of the EU4PSL project funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France to support the private sector in Libya.