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“Operational Project Management” training for 15 top Libyan executives from different Chambers of Commerce

For a full intensive week, 15 top Libyan executives from the 6 Chambers of Commerce of Benghazi, Garhyan, Misrata, Sebah, Tripoli and Zintan, and from the General Libyan Union of Chambers of Commerce,  received an international training in “Operational Project Management”, within the framework of SLEIDSE Project, co-funded by the European Union and France. 

From Monday October 18 to Friday October 22, they were empowered with the best international methods and tools on the market for effective project planning, management and follow-up. 

Energy, initiative and good will are not enough to reap all the potential benefits of a project. Methodology and tools are key for better resource allocation and greater impact in any project endeavor.

SLEIDSE Project provides for better institutions and Libyan institutional partnerships but also provides key people with key skills that last for successful private sector development in Libya.