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Questionnaire on the Top Priority Common Obstacles Faced by Libyan Enterprises

For business owners or managers, an enabling business environment is vital to their enterprise’s survival, operations and growth. In Libya, the business environment presents numerous challenges which call for numerous reforms in multiple areas. 

If you are a business owner or manager, share your opinion and experience with us about the obstacles facing the private sector in Libya and the essential legal and economic reforms that you think are important to improve the business environment by answering the questions in the questionnaire below:

The objective of this questionnaire conducted by the Libyan Chambers of Commerce and the European Union-funded Project EU4PSL is to identify, among all the economic and regulatory issues:  

  • The top priority obstacles to business to be addressed that are common to all Libyan enterprises. 
  • The legal and economic reforms to start with to make the maximum and quickest positive impact on the Libyan business environment for all Libyan enterprises.

The answers to this questionnaire, once analyzed, will contribute to focus the government’s efforts on the top priority legal and economic issues regarding business survival, operations and growth. It will help the Libyan Chambers of Commerce to create concrete proposals for improvement to the government as part of their official mandate to provide consultative advice to the Libyan government.   


Expertise France implements this questionnaire within the EU4PSL project funded by the European Union and in cooperation with the Libyan Chambers of Commerce and the General Union of the Chambers of Commerce.