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SLEIDSE promotes SME access to finance in Libya

On the 4th of August, SLEIDSE programme, which is financed by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France, gathered public authorities, banks, businesses and international players in order to tackle access to finance issues with the presence of the Ambassador of the European Union, and present their work on the National Guarantee Fund, credit mediation, crowdfunding and microfinance products in Libyan context.

According to Bettina Muscheidt, the European Union Ambassador to Libya, “In Libya, the future is just waiting like a sleeping beauty to be waken up. I would like to pay tribute to the genuine interest of the young generation and your positive energy. One day, you will be looking back at this time, and you will understand that your engagement was part of the new Libya, of having turned around the curse of your country. You have understood that you hold the future in your hands. The European Union is very proud to stand by you on this occasion.”

According to Libyan Minister of Economy, Dr. Nasser Fadalla, “The diversification of Libyan economy will be based on SMEs. The more SMEs we will have, the more young people will leave the battlefield and go back to work. We are really keen on using all the expertise and skills to strengthen the diversification of the economy and bring a better income to Libyan. It is paramount of the future of a strong Libya.”

The event, organised by SLEIDSE programme, aimed to tackle the wider issue of business support and development in Libya. SLEIDSE programme is a programme funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France to develop entrepreneurship in Libya, with the aim of providing jobs and livelihood to Libyan youth.

This activity was performed within SLEIDSE project, also financed by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France, which aims to support the development of entrepreneurship in Libya.