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The First Junior Enterprise Forum Held in Tripoli Gathering Founding Students from Five Universities

Junior Enterprises in Libya are finally starting to take shape and define their roles and activities following their recent establishment at the end of last year. The first Junior Enterprise Forum was held in Tripoli on the 27th of November 2021. It brought together student members of the Executive Board of the Junior Enterprises from Tripoli, Misurata, Al-Marqab, Gharyan and Al-Zawiya universities, with several founders of Junior Enterprises in Tunisia and the global network via Zoom app.

They shared experiences and advice and learned about the best entrepreneurial practices to succeed in their universities.

Each team prepared a short presentation to introduce the activities that have been accomplished and the plans developed for the next phase.

Junior Enterprise is a non-profit organization established and managed by university students like any real company. They establish partnerships with companies operating in the market and provide their services to them, which enhances their entrepreneurial skills and helps them obtain practical experience and form a network that equips them for the job market.

Plans are ongoing to host a second forum gathering the Executive Board members from the remaining universities.

This initiative is funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France within the EU4PSL project, which aims to support the private sector and consolidate the principles of entrepreneurship in the Libyan educational system.