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Strengthening the capacities of the Ministry of Economy to support the private sector

Tunis, January 29th to 31st -  a training on strategic planning for the Ministry of Economy and Industry was hosted by Expertise France with the objectives to increase the private sector unit members skills and competences and to create a forum to further the strategic orientation of the unit. The objective is to ensure that the private sector development unit begins its existence by proposing a concrete and realistic strategy, which can then be presented by the Minister to the Council of ministers for approval.
The topic of this training was selected as: “Strategic Management”, which will allow the participants to concretely discuss, design and formulate the unit’s future. 
This four-day workshop will result in establishing for Ministry of Economy and industry's private sector development unit vision, its mission statement and a preliminary work-plan  based on the November Workshop’s preliminary findings and on the collective work during the December Workshop.
The workshop was attended by the Minister of Economy and Industry, the employees of the unit and from the women empowerment unit.