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Welcome to Libus, the first online business school in Libya!

On 13 November, SLEIDSE and ITC co-launched Libus, the first online business school in Libya! It delivers courses to enhance the entrepreneurs’ skills and capacities to manage their businesses. It aims to raise their knowledge and capacities in managing and developing business, encouraging them to upgrade their skills and thus, their success.

Libus includes over 100 hours of free training courses designed for Arabic-speaking entrepreneurs who wish to strengthen their capacities and develop their business. It constitutes an interactive platform for entrepreneurs and emerging companies in Libya to network and create a dense community.

Our entrepreneurs will greatly benefit from Libus and SLEIDSE international experience. Libus help them grow sound businesses and help our country build our future”, said Mr. Taher Jehami, Minister of Planning.

During the launching at the Corinthia hotel in Tripoli, many prestigious figures were invited to speak forward. After the respective representatives of SLEIDSE and Expertise France, the floor was given to guests such as Taher Ben Hussien, representing the Ministry of Planning, or Denise Sainte-Marie, the cultural attaché of the French embassy. The event gathered over 200 guests: entrepreneurs and companies (students, SMEs, startupers, prominent businessmen, banks…), officials and key economic players (business support organizations, incubators, universities, municipalities, and central administration) as well as international community representatives. The event was a great success, and two days after, over 2500 members had already subscribed and started to follow the courses on Libus. It underlines how a useful tool Libus is for them to turn their promising ideas into genuine business models. Assuredly, there could not have been a better start for Libus!

Visit Libus website

This activity was performed within SLEIDSE project, also financed by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France, which aims to support the development of entrepreneurship in Libya.