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Dynamic Multi-Sector General Equilibrium Model for Libya meeting

September 13th 2019, Dynamic Multi-Sector General Equilibrium Model for Libya meeting was held in Tunis in attendance of the Libyan counterparts from the Ministries of Economy & Industry, Planning, Finance, University of Libya, National Bureau of Statistics, Ecomod, the European Union Delegation and Expertise France. 

It is part of EU4PSL project’s component 1 which is foreseen to support the Libyan institutions in the field of economic modeling. 
In this sense, and during the inception phase, a set of activities were conducted to identify potential partners and kind of support Expertise France can provide to the Ministry of Economy and Industry (MoEI). Particularly, contacts were established with various international experts and meetings were held with several agencies (CePii, GTAP, Cgemod…). Expertise France team and the head of the task force set up by the MOEI attended at the annual Ecomod conference in Portugal. This meeting is part of the continuity of this conference and aims to present the Ecomod organization and its offer for Libya and also to debate with the Libyan authorities the proposal and define next steps for implementing actions. 

EU4PSL is a project aiming at supporting the private sector development in Libya funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France.