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Expertise France signs a MoU with six Libyan civil society organisations to support the economic empowerment of women

Tunis, 30 October 2019 – In the framework of EU4PSL project, financed by the European Union, Expertise France organised a call for proposals for civil society organizations (CSOs) to support young, women’s economic empowerment by enabling them to create their own business start-ups.

As a result, six CSOs from the three regions of Libya have been selected and signed a MoU in collaboration with the Libyan Ministry of Planning: 

  1. Aljameiat alwataniat liltanmiat almustadama - Alzegan Municipality of Wadi Buainisi
  2. Muasasat albari waltaqwaa almadaniat alkhariyat - Murzuq
  3. Almizan liltanmia - Benghazi
  4. Fab lab libya litanmiat alaibdae altaqnii - Benghazi
  5. Munazamat masarat lilsalam waltanmia – TOPD Traks Organization for Peace and Development - Zaouia
  6. HEXA - Tripoli

The CSOs will benefit from a full thematic training delivered by Expertise France. Once they have developed the tools and capacity, these CSOs will start mentoring women entrepreneurs, helping them to develop their businesses in the course of the next 3 years. More specifically, they will provide support and technical advice on a wide range of issues, including how to prepare a business plan, register a business, develop marketing & communication strategies and do proper accounting. 

With this support, women entrepreneurs will have access to practical advice and collective help though this emerging but dynamic network. Most importantly, top level business advice expertise will be transferred and stay in Libya through the operation of these CSOs.

The selection criteria of these CSOs were numerous and rigorous, including among others a thorough assessment of the organizational, financial and operational capacity of the candidates. The selection committee was composed of the Expertise France team and representatives of the Libyan Ministry of planning.


Hend Abdulwahed, Communication Officer: 

Expertise France is the French public agency for international technical assistance. It aims at contributing to sustainable development based on solidarity and inclusiveness, mainly through enhancing the quality of public policies within the partner countries. 

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