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Promote international trade between Libya and the EU trough a new trade help desk

As part of EU4PSL component 'strengthening the capacities of Libyan institutions', a stakeholder workshop was held on the topic: 'How can Libya Join the ITC-Euromed Trade and Investment Facilitation Mechanism (TIFM)?'. 

The workshop was organized in close cooperation with the International Trade Centre, an international organization, charged by the European Union of implementing the EuroMed Trade Helpdesk, and aimed to present TIFM tool to Libyan authorities and discuss how Libya can integrate this initiative. 

After a short presentation, a debate was engaged with the Libyan participants in which, amongst other things it has been mentioned that this tool would facilitate closer economic ties between Libya, the EU and South Mediterranean countries.

This component of EU4PSL aims to strengthen the capacity of Libyan institutions to design and implement actions conducive to MSMEs development and improve the attractiveness of the Libyan economy for investments.